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NexGen Wireless, LLC was formed in March of 2013 to offer a "CHOICE". Offering reliable high bandwidth wireless broadband Internet connections to rural customers in SE Oklahoma at affordable rates is our prime directive. The company was founded by Quinton Graham and is a limited liability corporation registered in the state of Oklahoma. The rural customers NexGen Wireless will serve are overlooked and under served due to State sanctioned monopolies and bandwidth overselling by many DSL carriers to include 3G/4G carriers. Using TDMA airFiber/Nanobridge technology as opposed to the standard Wi-Fi technology, this service is more than capable of providing internet speeds in excess of 150Mbps over distances of 20 miles. That's 15x the average DSL or Cable speeds. Though it is not primarily our goal to compete directly with local or national carriers of DSL/Internet, we feel more than confident in the ability to compete head to head with them.

Providing a Choice is our first step to success.